The Supplement You Should Be Using For Younger Looking Skin

The supplement that you should definitely be using for better skin is collagen peptides. There are so many products and supplements on the market that promise to give you beautiful, younger looking skin. Unfortunately, the majority of those claims are not rooted in science and have very little proof that they actually work. The benefits of collagen peptides on the other hand, have been tested and backed by numerous studies showing supplementing with them does in fact have benefits for the skin.

First of all, what is collagen? Collagen is the main structural protein of connective tissues including skin, meaning it is a main factor influencing the health and look of your skin. Collagen peptides are basically small pieces of collagen that have been broken up into a powder so that they can be easily absorbed by the body and be used to increase collagen protein in the structural tissues of the body. You can read more about collagen here. 

As we age, collagen synthesis declines and we also start losing collagen. Skin is the largest organ of the body, which is why when collagen starts to decline we will likely notice this change with our skin first. For this reason, supplementing with collagen peptides supplies the body with building blocks to increase production of collagen and prevent the signs of aging.

Firmer skin

As we age, skin elasticity decreases and our skin doesn’t bounce back the way it used to – an example of this is sagging skin of your face. Collagen is important for keeping skin elastic, meaning it helps to keep skin tout and firm rather than deflated. Supplementing with collagen has been found to significantly improve skin elasticity, even in as little as four weeks. [2].


Better hydration

Dehydrated skin looks dull, flaky, and can make fine lines appear more prominent. It has been found that supplementing with collagen greatly improves the moisture content of skin and decreases dryness. [3, 4].

Less cellulite

Collagen may even reduce the appearance of cellulite! Studies have found that supplementing with collagen may decrease the appearance of cellulite. You can read more about this here [5]

Less wrinkles

Numerous studies have found that supplementing with collagen resulted in decreased appearance of wrinkles. For example, this one study found that subjects who supplemented with collagen for 8 weeks had significant improvement in wrinkles specifically around the eyes. [1].

My personal experience…

I’ve been adding collagen peptides to my coffee every morning for a few months now, and I have definitely seen an improvement in my skin, especially with a decrease in fine lines around my eyes. I’ve also noticed that my skin has also been very clear and I’ve noticed a very even complexion. I take different supplements so I don’t know that the effects I’ve noticed in my skin are 100% from collagen, but I believe it has definitely helped to some degree.



About the author: Sarah-Kate Rems is an Ivy-league trained Board-Certified Family Nurse Practitioner licensed in California with an expertise in women’s health and preventative healthcare. She considers nutrition and exercise to be the basis of well-being and is a strong advocate for daily physical activity and maintaining a healthy diet. Sarah-Kate is also a co-founder of The Mindful Tech Lab

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